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St. Joseph Mission of Big Sky

#4 We welcome you St. Joseph of Big Sky.  St. Joseph is a mission of Our Lady of the Pines parish in West Yellowstone. Our Sunday and Holy Day Masses are held in the Big Sky Chapel at 510 Little Coyote Road in the Big Sky Meadow Village.  Parking is available at the chapel and in the lots across the street in the Meadow Village shopping center. Whether you are a full-time resident or weekend visitor, we hope you will join us in worship and community. Our office is at 32 Marketplace (upstairs)


Mass & Confession Schedule

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St. Joseph Mass & Confession Schedule


Weekend Mass Schedule

Weekend Mass is held at the following times:

Saturday Vigil – 5:00pm (Fr has to offer mass in W Yellowstone at 7:30p in the summer)
Sunday Mass – 8:00 am

Weekday Mass Schedule

Most Tuesday afternoons at 6:30pm-please check our web calendar for updates

Sacrament of Reconciliation

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered each Saturday at 4pm sharp in the choir loft of the chapel.  An elevator is avaliable. Again, please be on time-4pm. Other times can be arranged. Please contact Fr.Val Zdilla-406-250-7922 or frval@me.com to make your appointment.

Other Sacraments

For scheduling Baptisms and Weddings, please contact Fr. Val Zdilla at 406-250-7922 or frval@me.com .  Baptisms are celebrated within the mass on the third weekend of the month. For Weddings, contact Fr Val and then the shared chapel at ‭(406) 995-3336‬.  

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We welcome you to the St. Joseph community!



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Fr.  Val Zdilla | (406) 646-7755 frval@me.com

Director of Religious Education:
Rosa Renata Sanchez rosarenata.sanchez@gmail.com

Pastoral Council Members

Charlie Callander charlie.callander@yellowstoneclub.com

Bob Koehler  robertgerardkoehler@gmail.com

Mary Clare Anderka mcanderka@aol.com

Bill Fallon wjf@wjfallon.com

Amy DiTullio ditullio2@3rivers.net

Jacquie Rolfe  famrolfe@icloud.com 

Molly Hagan, member haganmolly13@gmail.com

Matthias Saad, member mjsaad754@icloud.com

Kathy Rude kjrude52@gmail.com (Rep to Finance Council)

Finance Council Members 

Kevin O’Hara kmohara130@gmail.com

Fran Zappitelli fzapp@sbcglobal.net

Bert Bennett bertbenn@aol.com

Patricia Doherty p.doherty406@gmail.com


St. Joseph Email:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 161977, Big Sky, MT.  59716

Office Address
32 Market Place unit 4, Big Sky (Meadow Village)

Diocese of Helena:
(406) 442-5820, www.diocesehelena.org

Big Sky Chapel Office: